Treat Mom to Something Sweet This Mother’s Day

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Remember when you were a kid and your mother would treat you to a trip to the ice cream parlor? It's time to return the favor with the flavor of some old-fashioned ice cream or some new-age frozen yogurt. What better way to spend Mother's Day than taking her on a Myrtle Beach vacation and surprising her with an ice cream cone of her own? Best of all, you can have some, too.

The only question is where to go. The growing trend of frozen yogurt shops has introduced a flood (or perhaps a glacier) of national chains like sweetFrog, TCBY and Froyoz to a Myrtle Beach market already teeming with popular ice cream shops like Ben & Jerry's, Baskin-Robbins and Friendly's. That said, Mom may prefer a trip to a familiar place like the ones she used to visit as a child, or a long-standing local store that reminds her of her childhood vacations to the Grand Strand. With that in mind, here's a list of five shops close to Compass Cove resort where you can spoil Mom on her special day:

  • Barking Fish Yogurt Company: In a market flooded with all the national ice cream and frozen yogurt chains, it's refreshing to see a small mom-and-pop shop make it. Just like the major stores, this Market Common hot spot boasts a tasty self-serve selection of flavored frozen yogurts and toppings — but in a unique, family owned and operated environment. Barking Fish even offers “Pup Cups” — dog-friendly treats for your four-legged friends.
  • Cold Stone Creamery: If your mother hasn't been to one of these national franchises, you should treat her to one of Cold Stone's delicious blends. Simply select her favorite ice cream flavor and “mix-ins,” and watch as one of the friendly staff members goes to work creating her personalized frozen concoction on a marble slab. You can also pick up an ice cream cake to celebrate the occasion back at Compass Cove. The Market Common location is only a couple of miles away, so you don't have to worry about it melting.
  • Dairy Queen: OK, so this is one of the big national chains, but it's also a classic. Unlike the Johnny-come-latelies, DQ has been serving up soft-serve ice cream and other tasty treats for generations. Some of the same classics you remember from your youth are still on the menu, like the Peanut Buster Parfait and Banana Split, so Mom can get an old-school favorite — but it's hard to beat a Blizzard. The closest Myrtle Beach location is only a couple of blocks away, so you and Mom can work off a few calories on the walk back to the resort.
  •  Frutti's Frozen Yogurt: This local chain has three locations — at Broadway at the Beach, North Myrtle Beach and downtown Myrtle Beach, which is the closest to Compass Cove. Featuring a wide variety of fruit-flavored yogurts and smoothies, this place offers healthier options than ice cream, especially for folks with dairy allergies. Most flavors have non-fat, low-fat or sorbet alternatives.
  • Mad Myrtle's Ice Creamery: Here's another local hot spot that brings folks back for seconds. Located in the heart of the downtown district, Mad Myrtle’s draws a crowd for its variety of flavors and old-school Myrtle Beach atmosphere. The walls are covered with historic photos of the Sun Fun City back in the day, which serve as great conversation pieces while you are enjoying your scoops in a fresh-made waffle cone, in a milkshake or malt, or even on the famous Ice Cream Pizza.


If Mom prefers a more adult-oriented frozen treat, take her to the Compass Cove’s on-site Tiki Bar for a daiquiri, piña colada or margarita and a relaxing view of the beach. Whatever you Mom’s sweet tooth desires, she is sure to have a happy Mother’s Day during her stay at Compass Cove Resort, Myrtle Beach.