Where to Rent Things With Wheels (That Are Not Cars) Near Litchfield

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Sure, walking is great. We love it. We do it all the time. It’s the best way to get from point A to point B.

But sometimes we just really don’t feel like it, you know? Or we get that need for speed… or at least that need for a little pep, zip and/or zoom.

So, we rent.

Along with the great network of walking / running / biking trails on the grounds of Litchfield Beach & Golf, our location, climate and the many great attractions that surround us make a scooter, moped or other such low-key mechanized transport ideal. Not only does it get you around quickly, it’s so very fun.

So, where do you get such things in the Pawleys Island area? Read on.

PCW Scooters and Golf Cart Rentals (more about the latter in a minute) is in Surfside Beach / Garden City but they cater to the Pawleys Island area and will deliver if needed. Scooter rentals start at $25 for two hours and only require a valid drivers license to operate. For a slight uptick in price to $55, the scooter is yours for 24 hours. Think of all the ground you can cover!

Super Cycles and Scooters in Myrtle Beach offers both gas (for the street) and electric (for resorts) scooter rentals. And these things are scooters in the very traditional sense — they’ve got handlebars, a seat and a motor. Yet even with that pared down design, they’re awfully high-tech. And one could easily fit into a roomy trunk of a car. Discounts available according to length of rental, but prices start at $35 for a day.

Ok, are you really serious about this two-wheeled stuff? Well then you’ll need to head to EagleRider. Also in Myrtle Beach, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a little more horsepower — like a Harley Davidson Road Kings bike, for example. For $109 and presenting a valid motorcycle license, this baby is yours for the day with unlimited mileage. And considering all the bike weeks the Grand Strand hosts throughout the year, you know we’re a motorcycle-friendly place. Should your decide to dial it down a little, scooters are also available for $65 a day.

The golf cart holds a special place in the hearts of South Stranders – and not just because of our ample golf courses. The carts prove essential for groups staying at Litchfield that want to transport many people or items to the beach, pool, etc., quickly and efficiently and with minimal whining. This spot in Surfside exclusively rents carts, so you know they mean business. While Vacation Equipment Rentals is located in Myrtle Beach, they will deliver to Litchfield.

What about if you’re into the good old-fashioned, power-it-yourself bicycle? No problem there. We rent a wonderful selection of bicycles right here at the resort. Should you be in the market for some specific bells (ahem) and whistles, you can always check out Cyclopedia for all sorts of rentals that jibe with your lifestyle, fitness level and kid-hauling needs. Pawleys Island Beach Service is a popular spot for rentals of all stripes, bicycles among them. Also, Vacation Equipment Rentals in nearby Myrtle Beach runs bike rental specials that include kayaks, beach chairs and a beach umbrella.

Well, if you weren't tempted before, we’re guessing you might be now. For a few bucks, efficient transportation and endless thrills await. And remember that many of our accommodations here at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort offer spaces to park and lock your rentals when not in use.

Happy trails!


(Posted: 9/3/15)