Your Complete Guide to Myrtle Beach Fishing Piers

It’s a safe bet that if you’re an angler and a lover of Myrtle Beach, you’ve cast a line from the pier. 


Any pier. The Grand Strand is rich with options. They all provide excellent fishing and gorgeous views. Some are rustic and historical; others, are modern and loaded with amenities. 


Here’s your guide to Myrtle Beach’s awesome piers.

What to Know About Fishing

Here’s intel if you’d like to weave a little angling into your Grand Strand getaway. You’ll be well on your way to fish tales with these.

  • You’ve likely heard Minnesota called the land of 10,000 lakes. On the last count, though, there were almost 15,000.
  • A good buy: A battery-powered bait bucket. Get one equipped with an aerator to keep oxygen flowing and keep your bait alive.
  • What can you land at a pier? Here’s a list:
    • Black drum
    • Flounder
    • Kingfish
    • Pompano
    • Sailfish
    • Sea trout
    • Sheepshead
    • Snook
    • Tarpon
    • Whiting

Your Manual to Pier Fishing in Myrtle Beach

Fishing on the coast is the most. Here’s a breakdown of Grand Strand piers and what you can expect there.

Springmaid Pier

Widen the scope of your fishing experience at Springmaid Pier. There’s a tackle shop on site, so pick up an all-day pass at a reasonable price. You’ll appreciate all the washing stations in this active fishing area. It’s a fishing pleasure on an extravagant scale on one of the region’s famous piers. 

(843) 315-7156


RECOMMENDED: There’s a trick to appreciating the fishing here. Come for one of several fishing tournaments held here each year.

2nd Avenue Pier

There’s enough space for you, and tons of Spanish Mackerel and beltfish in the waters. And it has elevator access. You’ll be the beneficiary of extreme beauty AND prime fishing on the 2nd Avenue Pier. 

(843) 445-7437


RECOMMENDED: Include a variety of hooks in your tackle box. Use hook sizes 4 to 2/0, based on the size of your bait.


14th Avenue Pier

It’s a great place to introduce a little Myrtle Beach history to the young angler. This pier has defied physics several times since its start in 1926. It has weathered many blunt impacts from hurricanes. It’s the perfect spot for family fishing, with a tackle shop, gift store, and a renowned eatery.


RECOMMENDED: You’ll want to keep your line from moving too much in the active waters. If the water is choppy, you’ll need 6-7 ounce weights on your line. If the sea is calm, 1-2 ounces will hold you stable in the strike zone.

Apache Pier

The ceiling is high for the big catch at Apache Pier. Generations have arrived to chase trophy fish several times a year. You’ll find friendly folks on the pier, and a convenient restroom toward the end. A fine day on the Grand Strand includes renting a pole and testing your luck. 


RECOMMENDED: This site is excellent for sheepshead. Bait with mussel barnacles near the pilings, high or low tide.


Myrtle Beach State Park Pier

Visit with an eye toward incredible fishing action at Myrtle Beach State Pier. Howard Rodman once said, “Piers are good places for pondering the eternal enigmas of the universe.” You’ll find rulers all around to measure your catch, as well as pictures of the fish you can catch there.


PRO TIP: A good exercise for pier anglers: Leave fresh fish bait sitting on the bottom of the water.

Paradise Outdoor Pool 2.tif

A Quick, Friendly Check-In, and All Good Things at Paradise Resort

At Paradise Resort, they’ll work to check you in so you can slow down and relax. Enjoy a comfortable room and a Ben & Jerry’s onsite, among other amenities. You’re minutes from Family Kingdom and other attractions.

Paradise Ben & Jerry's