Enjoy Holiday Movies with DVD Now Right in Your Room

After a long day at the beach or pool, you want to go back to your room and relax with the family.  During the holiday season, why not rent  form the DVD Now in the lobby (free with your room), a family favorite during this season.

Fortunately for guests at here at Paradise Resort, the time spent lounging around the resort or in the room doesn’t have to be boring. And one particularly fun and relaxing way to spend some family time at the resort, day or night, is to take advantage of one of the resort’s most popular extras — DVD Now.

Whether on a rainy day or an evening spent relaxing in your room, you can keep your party entertained with free and unlimited DVD rentals throughout your stay at Paradise Resort. Just head to the DVD Now rental kiosk found in the resort lobby to choose your favorite titles.

Bonus: With the holiday season nearly upon us, a number of popular holiday-themed titles will be available via the service this fall and winter. Consider one of these holiday hits during your next stay:

Halloween —

For those who enjoy a good scare around the most frightful of the holidays, a number of horror titles will be on tap in the DVD Now kiosk in the lobby. Options will include the 2019 version of the classic ’80s horror flick “Child’s Play,” which puts an modern-day spin on the powers of sinister (and self-aware) doll Chucky, as well as “Annabelle Comes Home,” another spooky tale about a possessed doll that performs regular acts of evil.

Thanksgiving —

Among the available DVD Now titles with a Turkey Day theme will be 2012 romantic comedy “Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade,” which follows an eager Chicago parade planner as she unexpectedly falls for a rich consultant brought in to evaluate the parade’s finances, and “Thanksgiving Dance,” an animated kids’ film that tells the story of how baby turkey Little Peepz — with the help of some furry, feathered and scaled friends — overcomes a bout of stage fright to prepare for the town’s holiday dance-off.

Christmas —

Family-friendly Christmas classics are always a hit during the “most wonderful time of the year,” and DVD Now has those covered, too. Among the yuletide entertainment options available in the DVD Now kiosk.

Family time is the best time and Paradise Resort wants to make sure you and your entire group, celebrate and have the comforts of home as you enjoy your holiday in Myrtle Beach.

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