Beach Tip: Try Out These 5 Rooftop Bars

A rooftop bar on a beach vacation is a welcome sight!


Myrtle Beach boasts plenty of them, many with unique offerings and themes, but all with fun and views, too. Whether you’ve lounged poolside or spent the day paragliding, it’s nice to top off the day with a cool drink. In a cool place.


Here are five not to miss on the Grand Strand.

Tips for Visiting Rooftop Bars

Before you head out, here’s advice for enhancing your experience.

  1. Look for signature items

Bars and restaurants are keen to attach their name to memorable drinks and foods. They’re unique innovations and made with attention to detail.

  1. Mention special occasions

Tell your host or server if you’re there for (or it’s close to) an anniversary, birthday, or anything noteworthy. The good ones make it even more special.

  1. When in doubt, order fries

If you’re unsure what to eat but are hungry, it’s a safe bet. And if it’s a friendly crowd, sharing your fries with a neighbor is a good way to meet someone.

These Rooftop Bars Are the Places to Be

There’s no rule against going to all five. There’s definitely no rule against going to one or two a second time during your trip.

Banditos Cantina | 1410 N Ocean Boulevard | (843) 712-2992

Tacos, tequila, and views? Get your beachside inspiration at Banditos Cantina.


Why it’s cool: Quick service in a prime location, and it’s a fantastic Taco Tuesday place to be. Even busy hours are smooth, with a knowledgeable staff in case you need a recommendation. Check out the catering.


BEST APPETIZER BET: Dip Trio (salsa rojo, smashed guac, queso)


BEST DRINK BET: Peace Bulleit Mule (with Owen’s Ginger Beer)

Tin Roof | 1410 North Ocean Boulevard | (843) 945-9867

Catch live music and breathtaking views at Tin Roof.


Why it’s cool: Amazing views. Ice-cold beer and a good selection of food choices. You’ll find friendly, efficient service, too. And an incredible ambiance with this crowd. Check out the calendar.


BEST APPETIZER BET: Chicken Tinga Tacos (chipotle-braised chicken)


BEST DRINK BET: White Walker Energized Red Bull Drink (16 ounces)

chicken wrap

LandShark Bar & Grill | 1110 North Ocean Blvd | (843) 788-0001

Bounce out of SkyWheel next door for more fun at Landshark Bar & Grill.


Why it’s cool: Many visitors come back year after year. And the locals love it, too. It’s a nice spot for lunch, too, especially for a burger. It’s festive and friendly for families.


BEST APPETIZER BET: Taco Nacho (white queso, pico de gallo)


BEST DRINK BET: Shark Tank (LandShark Lager and Fins Up margarita)

Riptydz | 1210 North Ocean Boulevard | (843) 945-1204

The prevalence of fun at Riptydz is clear, and appreciated!

Why it’s cool: The delightful selection of drinks is a big draw. Trust in your bartender to make you something awesome. You’ll love this place and its generous portions.


BEST APPETIZER BET: Dockside Fish Tacos (fresh Mahi Mahi, sriracha ranch)


BEST DRINK BET: Drunken Monkey drinks

RipTydz Shrimp Tacos

Soho Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar | 407 21st Avenue North | (843) 443-9441

Graduate to an upscale experience. Try Soho Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar.


Why it’s cool: No matter what you order, it’ll be amazing. You’ll enjoy the classy vibes on the rooftop and the diverse menu. The sushi is good here!


BEST APPETIZER BET: Calamari (with special seasoning and marinara)


BEST DRINK BET: Cucumber Basil Lemonade.

Paradise Outdoor Pool

Stay in a Place You’ll Want to Return To, at Paradise Resort

You’ll find clean, spacious rooms, pools, hot tubs, and a lazy river. What’s not to love about Paradise Resort? Visit the Tiki Bar and restaurant. You’ll have all you want in one location, including spectacular views of the beach. Indulge in the area’s signature calabash seafood restaurants!


See current specials at Paradise Resort, and book your stay today.

Balcony Oceanfront View